Neil and Iona - 1996 to present

Neil and Iona are a pair of fleshy robotic improvisational performers who interact with one another and thier audience emotionally. They express themselves with animated facial expressions, dynamic body language and strangly compelling sounds. Their creation is the result of Jason Van Anden's intellectual interests in art, technology and psychology. The following photographs were taken at Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut where they were exhibited from July 29th through September 29th, 2006.

Every detail of these artworks was obsessively created by Jason, from the hundreds of animation cells hand drawn in graphite on mylar, to the thousands of lines of computer code that enable their emotional behavior.

If you would like learn more about Neil and Iona, be sure to visit the video link or read Neil and Iona: A Case Study in Cybernetic Performance Art published by Leonardo's Electronic Alamanac, MIT Press.