Farklempt! 2.0

Managing ones' feelings is essential to getting along in the world. Keeping emotions inside can be as damaging as just letting them flow. Farklempt! is a hybrid interactive artwork/videogame that challenges players to manage their emotional-health through the skillful manipulation of feelings against others attempting to do the same.

Farklempt! version 2.0 is an art installation of the a online art game commissioned by Rhizome.org. Whereas in version 1 anonymous players compete online, the installation version adds a new public twist; all four participants play against each other in the same space. 2.0 features bongo-height touch screen consoles, better sound and an huge projected playspace.

Following are diagrams describing the installation, followed by photos taken during its one month exhibit at The Tank performance and artspace in New York City. If you have never experienced Farklempt! for yourself, you are encouraged to play the online version. It may be helpful to read the rules first.

Farklempt! 1.0 recieved a lot of press, from sources as diverse as Wired, WPS1 Radio and USA Today who raved "You will not see another game like this one for many a day, we suspect, unless someone finds a way to squeeze a copy of The Sims until the pure essence comes out".

Farklempt! 1.0 was commissioned by the online community Rhizome.org thanks to support from the Jerome Foundation, The Greenwall Foundation and The Warhol Foundation. The original proposal for Farklempt! can be found here. Version 1.0 has been shown at The New Museum in New York City, at CIANT in Prague, and The Seoul Net Festival in South Korea. Farklempt! 2.0 has been exhibited at The Tank in New York City, Versionfest in Chicago, Digifest in Toronto and The Manchester Craftsman's Guild in Pittsburgh, PA.

Farklempt! Illustrations

Above is a screenshot from the online version of Farklempt! (1.0)
This is a screen capture of the installation version's projected playspace.
Diagram showing the installation version with consoles and projected playspace.
Diagram showing the installation version from above.

Farklempt! Installation Photos

Top view of console, plexiglass top with touchscreen exposed through the hole in its center.
Side view of console with player demonstrating actual game play.
Side view of all four consoles awaiting players (at The Tank, NYC).
Projected playspace in background with console in foreground
(playspace reflected in plexiglass top).