Real Art Ways Neil and Iona
Robots: Evolution of a Cultural Icon, San Jose Museum of Art

Neil and Iona are currently at the San Jose Musuem of Art in Robots: Evolution of a Cultural Icon, which examines the development of robot iconography in fine art over the past 50 years. Curated by JoAnne Northrup, Robots includes the work of Clayton Bailey, Chris Cunningham, Feric, Nemo Gould, Amy Hicks, Eric Joyner, Chico MacMurtrie, Mars-1, Michael McMillen, Michael Mew, David Pace, Nam June Paik, Alan Rath, Michael A. Salter, Lisa Solomon, Jeff Soto, H.C. Westermann, Gail Wight, Kow Yokoyama, and Thomas Zummer. Preview the show online via CNetTV News.

Robots runs from April 12th through October 19th, 2008 and will coincide with the Zero1 Festival which takes place at the Museum and all over San Jose June 4th-8th. Neil and Iona made possible thanks to the generous support of the Finishing Fund.

Dirty Dozen
Dirty Dozen
Emergence on Governors Island's

For thousands of years, NYC's coastal water teemed with oysters. We humans moved in, changed their neighborhood and they pretty much disappeared. Dirty Dozen is a new interactive installation inspired by this early instance of gentrification, created in collaboration with sound artist Nat Hawks and sensor sensei David Liatti.

Dirty Dozen was selected by curator Johan Kritzinger as part of Emergence, an exhibition of experimental and participatory art with a strong emphasis on audience and artist interaction. Emergence will be open weekends 11am-6pm through July 26th, coinciding with exhibits, events and festivals in and around Governor's Island throughout the summer such as David Byrne's "Playing the Building", Olafur Eliasson's Waterfalls and Figmentfest. A list of events as well as how to get to the island can be found here.

Farklempt! Installation
Farklempt! at DIGit Festival

Managing ones' feelings is essential to getting along in the world. Keeping emotions inside can be as damaging as just letting them flow. Farklempt! is an art installation which challenges players to manage their emotional-health through the skillful manipulation of feelings against others trying to do the same.

Farklempt! will be exhibited as part of the the 5th Annual DIGit Media Exposition, June 13th-15th, 2008 in Narrowsburg, New York. DIGit will include continuous screenings, site specific performances, interactive, concerts, and audio and video installations in and around Narrowsburg's Main Street and the Delaware River.

Visit the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance website for details.

BubbleBeats BubbleBeats
BubbleBeats is Online

Have you ever considered what life would be like if every time you listened to your favorite music it sounded amazing but different? offers just such a new musical reality. Leveraging technology invented to give Neil and Iona improvisational behavior, BubbleBeats can be used to create an entirely new form of living music.

BB began when Jason Van Anden and musician Nat Hawks met by chance and discovered they shared a common interest in accidential art. Jason modified his software for Nat to create music with, Nat was so pleased with the outcome that he invited nine other musicians to experiment with it. This led to an interactive CD titled "Compiled" and performances at Monkeytown in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. lets anyone in the world share and create their own kalediscopic musical experience.