tax the rich!
starring baby liberty

by jason van anden

Baby Liberty says "Tax the Rich!"

Tax the Rich is an online political campaign hosted by the The Huffington Post. It stars the adorable, animated "Baby Liberty", an innocent talking head who dreams of a better future. Baby Liberty wants "Tax the Rich" to become part of our common vernacular, believing in her heart of hearts that this will positively change the world for rich and poor alike.

Baby Liberty is in good company, William Gates Sr., the father of the richest man in the world, co-wrote a book on the subject.

Baby Liberty's inventor, Jason Van Anden created "Tax the Rich" after becoming outraged by all of the recent news about the "pay to play" lobbying scandals that have infested all levels of the United States government. Jason wonders: "How is it that in a democracy like the USA, the voting majority are so bent on protecting the best interests of the wealthy? Some of our most popular politicians have won elections by simply saying 'tax breaks'. How can this be when so many of us do not have access to decent education or even healthcare. I think its high time that the majority vote for their best interests, and elect leaders who are not afraid to tax the rich."

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Jason Van Anden is a new media revolutionary, artist, inventor and robot maker. His creations are exhibited internationally, receiving recognition in the art, science, technology and gaming communities. His most recent works include a pair of moody robots named "Neil" and "Iona", a videogame called "Farklempt!" and a very cute online virtual brussels griffon puppy called "ascii chewy". More about Jason and his creations can be found at his website:

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