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Press Release - April 2007
image 1   Artbots Philladelphia
April 13-June 30, 2007
Opening: Friday, April 13, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Esther M. Klein Art Gallery
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Robots, once only limited to the realm of imagination, now permeate our daily lives, used widely for exploration of sea and space, labor and industry, medicine, military and police. But what happens when a few renegade artists, scientists and inventors start dreaming again of the gloriously whimsical and emotive possibilities of technology? We get ArtBots, marvelous machines that exist at the intersection of art and technology, and that create art, play music and more.

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image 3   Creatures
Opening April 26th, 2007
Lancaster, UK

The internet is full of artificial life, as you surf the web you might happen upon some of these invented beings. Or you could visit www.folly.co.uk/creatures, where we have brought together the work of six artists who have created their own virtual creatures for you to play with. These creatures all live in cyberspace, where you can pet, tease, manipulate and connect with them. Once you've visited and fallen for these creatures, you can talk about them in folly's specially created online forum and comments area, where we will be highlighting a different creature every month. This experience will be online from 26th April 2007.

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