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Press Release - July 2006
image 1   Self.Control
July 14-16, 2006
Cinema-Scope : Future Perfect
Hamptons, NY

"Self.Control" is a site-specific installation of equal parts visual and aural parts. Visitors to CinemaScope can drive this endless sonic artwork with their finger tips. Sound provided by musician Nat Hawks [Details]
image 3   Neil & Iona
July 29- September 25
Opening Reception: July 29, 6-8pm
Real Art Ways
Hartford, CT

The Neil and Iona sculptures are the first two of a family of robotic entities that make up The Smile Project - Van Anden's 24/7 online interactive exhibit space. The pair of fleshy improvisational performance artists interact with one another and their audience emotionally with animated facial expressions, dynamic body language and strangely compelling sounds. [Details]