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Press Release - February 2006

Tax the Rich!
Starring Baby Liberty
February 2006

Baby Liberty says "Tax the Rich!"

Tax the Rich is a grass roots high tech political campaign being hosted on Arriana Huffington's blog, the Huffingtonpost.com. It stars the adorable "Baby Liberty", an innocent talking head who dreams of a better future and isn't afraid to state the obvious. Baby Liberty believes that "Tax the Rich" should become part of our common vernacular, hoping this will inspire citizens around world to vote for leadership that makes it a priority to address the needs of the majority.

Baby Liberty's creator, Jason Van Anden created "Tax the Rich" after becoming outraged by all of the recent news about the "pay to play" lobbying scandals that has infested all levels of the United States government. Jason wonders: "How is it that in a democracy like the USA, the voting majority are so bent on protecting the best interests of the wealthy? Some of our most popular politicians have won elections by simply saying 'tax breaks'. Has this gotten us what we need? I think its high time that the majority vote for their best interests, and elect leaders who are not afraid to tax the rich."

You can visit Baby Liberty at www.smileproject.com/tax.