IntelligentDesigner IntelligentDesigner ®
March 2006 - IntelligentDesigner ®

What do you get when you combine probablistic programming paradigms, computers with feelings and a room full of the gifted and talented? Artist/Technologist/Robot Maker Jason Van Anden will demonstrate IntelligentDesigner (beta) - software that enables pretty much anyone to control things in an uncontrollable way. ID was originally invented to enable improvisational behavior simulating human emotional mechanics between his life-size emotive robots Neil and Iona. In its current incarnation, ID can be used to easily create rich multilayered living music from samples, with many more esoteric applications coming down the pike. Jason will be presenting ID on May 3rd at the NYC Dorkbot where he hopes to get feedback of ID beta from the Dorkbot ranks and recruit some early adopters to start making things with it before its official release, next Fall.

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Tax the Rich!
March 2006 - Tax the Rich!

"Tax the Rich!" is an online political campaign starring the adorable, animated "Baby Liberty", (shown left) an innocent talking head who dreams of a better future. Baby Liberty wants to change the world by making "Tax the Rich!" part of our common vernacular.

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Neil & Iona Small Works
February 2006 - Small Works

Algorithm 1.005 was selected for the 29th Annual NYU Small Works exhibition, juried by Jack Shainman. If you didn't make it out to Vertexlist last October or to Front Room last December, now is your chance to see this work without having to worry about the L train. These intimate pieces continue Jason's inquiry into the aesthetic abstraction of human emotions using digital technologies. Stop by and check out this and a multitude of other small works. The opening is Saturday, February 4th, 2006 - Noon to 4pm.

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ascii chewy
January 2006 - ASCII Chewy

A portrait of pure puppy love distilled into computer code, "ascii chewy" is inspired by the antics of Jason Van Anden and Lauri Goldkind's adorable Brussels Griffon named "Chewy". This hybrid emotive life form and digital comic currently resides on a variety of websites. Thanks to a Creative Commons license, you too can adopt this cute little fella. Follow the links below to learn how easy it is to add this artwork to your website, blog or google module!

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Neil & Iona Neil & Iona
November 2005 - Neil & Iona

Neil and Iona are a pair of fleshy improvisational performance artists who interact with one another and thier audience emotionally with animated facial expressions, dynamic body language and strangly compelling sounds. The best way to learn more about them is to read Neil and Iona: A Case Study in Cybernetic Performance Art, recently published by Leonardo's Electronic Alamanac, MIT Press. More about them can be found via the following links:

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Neil & Iona Three Exhibits
October 2005 - Three Exhibits

Ear to the Sky, Sky Gallery
October 15th, 2005; 7pm-10pm

Rhizome Commissions, New Museum
October 18th, 2005; 6:30pm-8:30pm

Mixed Feelings, Vertexlist
October 22nd, 2005; 7pm-10pm

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