Neil & Iona Neil & Iona
March 2005 - Feeling Like a Robot

Neil and Iona are the pair of large fleshy cybernetic performance artists who dynamically interrelate with each other and their audience. They express themselves with body language, facial expressions and strangely compelling sounds. Recent appearances include Digifest Goes Wild! in Toronto and Re: New Frontiers in Creativity at Columbia University's Lowe Library. A gallery exhibit is scheduled for October 2005. to be kept up to date - or check back soon.

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Neil & Iona Farklempt!
January 2005 - Farlkempt!

Farklempt! is an online multiplayer video game that challenges players to navigate their emotional lives through the skillful manipulation of feelings against other players others trying to do the same. USA Today raved:
"You will not see another game like this one for many a day, we suspect, unless someone finds a way to squeeze a copy of The Sims until the pure essence comes out".

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December 2004 - Season's Greetings!

Wishing all a happy, healthy and safe New Year.